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Rasilny.com allows you to send text messages SMS to any country mobile network for low cost and many features. SMS text messaging is powerful marketing tools, fun and fast growing, so keep in touch with your clients, friends and family quickly and easily using this service. You can even check if your message was received by the recipient using our advanced log reports.

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With the large number of mobile users worldwide, more than twice as many people have a mobile phone than read newspapers. SMS communication is opening up new opportunities to communicate with your friends, family, customers and within your orgainsation.

Rasilny offers bulk sms and web site sms enablement tools, which can be used to automate or send personalised text messages to your local, regional or global recipient base. Popular applications include peer-to-peer messaging, sms marketing, alerts, info-text, web-to-mobile content, notifications and more.

How to make profit with Rasilny.

Summary of site features

  • Ability to use your computer keyboard to type messages.
  • Change the sender id to any name or to any of your mobile numbers.
  • Sending messages in english and unicode (arabic and others).
  • Almost same cost for all countries.
  • Create sub accounts from your main account and let your family, clients and friend enjoy with you the fun of SMS..
  • Sending sms messages to large numbers in one time.
  • No setup free and open usage period.
  • No minimum time or amount to use your balance.
  • Easy to select names and messages from menus.
  • Fast message delivery and simple follow-up.
  • Ability to schedule periodic messages (daily, weekly, monthly ....) using hijra or gregorian calender and ability to cancel the schedual.
  • Ability to specify delivery time using hijra or gregorian calender and ability to cancel the delivery.
  • All members can act as a salesman, they can get special prices and sell directly to thier customers.
  • Ability to store phones and messages directories then organizes them in groups with the ability to transfer your data between the site and other applications.
  • Store messages log for later statistics reports review and ability to use them again.
  • Ability to switch between english and arabic interface.
  • Ability to send sms to more than 500 networks in 170 countries around the world.